Meet The Team


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Asra has four years of professional experience working at the intersection of entrepreneurial and development sectors of Pakistan. She has lead Karachi Civic Innovation Lab, a collaboration between Habib University and Pakistan Innovation Foundation in the capacity of a Data & Research Analyst, and later a Program Manager. She has also profiled local entrepreneurs and startups for TechJuice, a leading tech publication in Pakistan. She is a scholarship recipient of Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations, and a current UN SDSN Local Pathways Fellow. Her work has been featured in Dawn.

Shah Nihal Idrees

Chief Operating Officer

Shah Nihal is a renowned public speaker and debater that has won at national level across the country. Crowned two times the winner on national television, Shah Nihal has countless trophies and awards from renowned competitions. When he is not debating, he is adjudicating and training young people in argumentation skills, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. Shah Nihal has been associated with OpenMic Pakistan since inception, first as a participant, later as a core team member.

Raazi Ali khan

Community Outreach Lead

Raazi has a strong commitment towards social good. He has played a significant role in developing the Social Responsibility Program of OpenMic Pakistan. He has also been the winner of HULT Prize Pakistan for a local chapter and qualified for the regional HULT Prize Competition. Raazi qualified to join the pool of 30 participants out of 2500 applicants for the Salamti Fellowship, a project by Peace Without Borders. He is now an active Peace Agent #78.

Yasir Tanweer

Digital Strategy Lead

Yasir has been associated with OpenMic for as long as most of us can remember. He has also been a member of AIESEC Pakistan for over 2 years where he worked vigorously on minimizing cross-cultural differences among the youth through exchange programs. He has been a keen participant in Karachi’s Model UN Circuit, having won numerous accolades for his university, the number of which he doesn’t like to keep count of. From digital strategy to content production, Yasir takes care of all the fun stuff at OpenMic.