Partner Portfolio

Collaborations that Impact Youth Lives

Support Partners

The ones that gave us wings and helped us pilot our dreams and practice our commitment to the youth of Pakistan.

Academic Partners

OpenMic actively partners with academic institutes, mostly, public and non-profit to build campus engagement programs. Our startup has trained and mentored conferences and programs, with focused learning for teachers and students alike. These include training programs on different formats of public speaking, critical thinking, and storytelling.

Community Partners

OpenMic continues to thrive with the valuable support of our community partners. We have partnered up with communities and spaces to curate dialogue and learning programs for youth.

Social Impact PArtners

OpenMic partners with social startups, research and advocacy networks, and development organizations to collaboratively develop programs exploring themes critical to youth participation, development and inclusion for the future of Pakistan.

International PArtners

On a mission to persistently impact life-long learning for the youth population, this validation has helped us to to grow and engage with solutions that can be localized for Pakistan to create youth inclusive spaces.