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The OpenMic Gupshup Show is a series of talks that puts spotlight on youth icons, creative influencers, social entrepreneurs, and activists in an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) format, where participants get a chance to foster a relationship and explore the journey of our youth guests in a light-hearted conversation. 

The idea for The OMG Show stemmed after an observation that neither youth get to intimately interact with changemakers of their age, nor these icons are provided with the spotlight in the mainstream. Bringing them together helps build a strong sense of community and social good amongst the young audience.







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Breaking Stereotypes as a Standup Comedian
with Akbar Chaudhary

[ To be updated ]

Being a young creative in Pakistan, with
Haya Fatima Iqbal & Sarmad Hashmi

[ To be updated ]

Role of Pakistani Universities in Youth
Development with Abduallah Jamal

The conversation explored the different approach and mindsets of youth across Pakistan, the challenges they face in universities and the reasons of brain drain and opportunity seeking by youth. It also shed light on why is it difficult for a person having a non-political background to get in the political arena of Pakistan and how can public speakers create influence for a pluralistic Pakistan.

Global Youth Activism with Shaheera Jalil

The session analyzed the difference we see in the culture of Sub-Continent and Europe regarding academics, political campaigns and online petitions. The conversation shed light on utilizing online spaces to mobilize people and how different campaigns are being led by youth all across the world (specifically Kashmir, India, Nigeria, America, Netherlands, Sweden).

Dialogue as a Peacebuilding Tool with
Noor-us-Sabah Tauqeer

The conversation explored different challenges that are currently facing the youth of Pakistan. We talked about if youth of Pakistan well-equipped to handle such a strong power in the form of student unions keeping in mind the fact that online hate speech and extremism is one of the major hurdles in the growth of Pakistani Society and previous student unions turned into nurseries of militancy. We also posed a question why students of Pakistan are not pursuing arts and social sciences as academic pursuits, keeping in mind the fact that artists are identity for a nation. We talked about the current feminist movement in Pakistan as well. All the narrative discussed were tied back with with the fact that how dialogue and debates can open horizons of young people and make them more tolerant towards gender, ethnicities, religious, and political identities.

Peacebuilding Through Sports with Daniyal Alvi

Daniyal traced back his journey with us of leaving a corporate job and pursuing his passion for sports. Having attended Manchester United Soccer School, Daniyal shared the differences of approach he saw there and in Pakistan when it comes to promoting young talent in sports. He shared instances where he lead youth programs for vulnerable youth that helped them to find community in sports and moved them away from gang violence and drugs. He shared instances when sports connected people of different cultures, religions and races who channelled their aggression through sports and fought it out on the field. The conversation also explored how inclusive sports are helping people with intellectual disabilities be a part of the community. Daniyal encouraged young participants to engage in social service and always consider it an investment for what you want to achieve in later life.

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