mobilizing public spaces with youth voices


HumRaahi Roadshow is a four- weekend long training and development program, designed to mobilize public spaces with youth voices by conducting training on crtical thinking, argumentation, community building and curating critical dialogue in parks, public libraries, community spaces, and academic institutes. 

The participating teams complete a capstone project after the program and launch idialogue activities in their campuses, communities, and neighbourhoods. The pilot of the program was launched with two cohorts, in partnership with United States Institute of Peace, receiving promising feedback from all the participating teams, majority of which hailed from public sector academic institues of Karachi.



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Pilot Activity

Learning Impact

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Participants believe they got a better understanding of
Active Youth Citizenship after the training program

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increased their understanding
of critical thinking as a tool for tolerance


“When I entered the first session I thought this is not a place for me and I was very nervous about what was going to happen. We were made so comfortable by the trainers and facilitated in a very fine manner. I polished my leadership skills in this program. I was the president of my student council and I never enjoyed leading my team. Now I have a vision about my team.”

– Syed Shehryar, Participant from Sindh Muslim Government Science College

“I learnt how communal spaces can be utilized to solve problems and share ideas with a larger audience. I also learnt to listen and understand other narratives, especially of people coming from different religious and ethnic backgrounds.”

– Laiba Bawany, Participant from NED University

“Being a part of OpenMic has been a great experience for me. I was always encouraged to express my ideas freely and got a chance to know about other people’s perspectives on active youth citizenship and how it can help our youth to serve their community effectively.”

– Fatima Aurangzeb, Participant from NED University