About US

What We Do

Bringing a Change through Dialogue

We at OpenMic promote learning beyond classrooms to enable the youth become an instrument of Peace building by inculcating in them critical thinking, argumentation skills, moral responsibilities, constructing an idea and policy making over them to counter violent extremism through public dialogue and discourse.


To enable the youth in bring a moderated small and big reforms in their ecosystem to make every public space of Pakistan a peaceful safe space for all kind of dialogues and public activities.


To create a dense network of communities throughout the country as a snowball effect consisting of next generation thinkers and policymakers who could think critically on every matter of society and bring a change in not just their own lives but also in the communities for the better.

How we work towards the above?

We work toward our mission and vision through a comprehensive process that involves a series of training and development sessions by certified gurus and veterans of the field, assigning capstone projects for community building and rigorous impact analysis. We train the future trainers of the future who could stand out in a crowd tomorrow.


  1. Training the trainers
  2. Revolutionizing Academics
  3. Creating resilient communities 
  4. Mobilizing Public Spaces
  5. Conducting dialogue activities
  6. Teaching campaign designing

Training the trainers

OpenMic equips the future trainers with the adequate knowledge and capacity required to become an effective change-maker through it’s training and development program. 

Revolutionizing Academics

We at OpenMic do not compromise on our academics. And to keep the effectiveness of the programs intact, we design our tailored curriculum for every activity we conduct, be it our own or partnered activities.

Creating Resilient Communities

OpenMic ensures that every trainee implements the learning to create a community in their ecosystem for a sustainable process of change.

Mobilizing Public Spaces

Leading by example, We ensure that our activities are serving the purpose to mobilize different public spaces like parks, dhaabas, co-working spaces and academic institutes with fewer facilities.

Conducting Dialogue Activities

OpenMic also provides a platform to young people to speak and discuss about their problems to get a solution.

Teaching campaign designing

The ability to design effective campaigns are as important as the idea itself and we at OpenMic understand it well. We also ensure that our trainees learn the art of effective campaign design.